Clip: There Is Always Something When Drunk | Love O‘Clock EP13 | 恋爱生物钟 | iQiyi

Clip: There Is Always Something When Drunk | Love O‘Clock EP13 | 恋爱生物钟 | iQiyi


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【Introduction】An author by the name of He Zhen joins Yu Shu Publishing as a contract author. He Zhen tries to please her editor in chief Lu Yunzhi, who keeps regular hours, by giving him an antique clock. While she is presenting the gift, the mystical power of the clock reawakens. They exchange their biological clocks and start living under the same roof. Over time, they set their differences aside and learn to help each other out in life. With the help of Lu Yunzhi and his friends, He Zhen pursues her dream of becoming an accomplished author. The companionship with He Zhen also helps Lu Yunzhi make peace with his past. In the end, they both find success in their career and love their life.

【Cast】Peng Chu Yue, Sharon Wang, Ji Mei Han, Wu Di Fei

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